"amedrix cartilage repaired"

Amedrix is a bioengineering company that allows orthopedic surgeons to restore cartilage, reduce joint pain and improve locomotion in patients with cartilage damage. Its cell free collagen based implants are used to repair cartilage defects in knees, hips and other joints with just one surgical procedure.

Series A in 2011



After obtaining CE-approval in 2013 Chondrofill has been used in thousands of patients in cost-efficient surgical procedures, reducing joint pain and improving quality of life. Ongoing long term study results will have to show a permanent restoration of form and function.


Dr. Thomas Graeve worked on cell biology and collagen based products during his scientific career at the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart and at Arthro Kinetics Ag, before he started his own company. He developed the three dimensional collagen gel (Chrondrofill) that can be injected into the joint as a fluid – the ultimate user requirement. Dr Graeve and his team produce their collagen products in Esslingen, close to Stuttgart in Germany.


Adriaan Hart de Ruijter co-led the Series A and collaborated with the consortium and Dr. Graeve in the board to bring the liquid Chondrofiller application to CE approval, the most important value milestone at that time. ‘Adriaan helped us tremendously to focus all efforts on CE approval. In that stage we needed to conduct clinical studies that not only answered the demands of regulators, but that would also demonstrate the benefits to users and patients’, according to Dr. Thomas Graeve. In 2013 the consortium successfully sold its shares to an investor who will bring the company to the next stage.