xbird: AI for preventable disease

Series A in 2016

xbird is a medical AI (artificial intelligence) company employing the latest know-how in data science and machine learning to prevent disease. Even before first symptoms show, many small signals together predict a change in disease state.



xbird extracts millions of data points from smartphone sensors and other devices and combines this with environmental and digital biomarkers. Pattern recognition then provides predictions on disease state and critical health events.


Companies use xbird technology to augment their own products and add value.


Sebastian Sujka co-founded and exited DataMonk and Whitewall, both online commerce companies, before starting xbird. Dr med Jonas Harder worked in the medical device industry, as an ENT doctor and serves as medical director in xbird. Matteo Carli co-founded DataMonk and has an extensive experience in advertising technology and business intelligence solutions.



Adriaan Hart de Ruijter joined as a shareholder in 2016. ‘Adriaan supports us with invaluable clinical development - and business development experience in the life science industry’ according to Sebastian Sujka.