Adriaan Hart de Ruijter and Cascara Ventures Bvba signed a co-investment agreement with the European Investment Fund (EIF), part of the European Investment Bank.

The European Investment Fund provides equity to Business Angels, non-institutional investors and institutional investors for the financing of innovative companies in the form of co-investments.

It works hand in hand with investors and helps them to increase their investment capacity by co- investing into innovative companies in the seed, early or growth stage. EIF grants the highest degree of freedom in terms of decision-making and management of investments.

Instead of granting co-investments on a deal-by-deal basis, the EIF enters long term contractual relationships with investors.

All investment decisions are taken by Cascara and the investments will be matched on a pari passu basis, i.e. by the same amount by EIF. The volumes available in total under an individual CFA range between EUR 250k and EUR 5m.