"Navigation on the spot"

Fiagon manufactures navigation systems that show the surgeon the exact position of his instruments during surgery, using its proprietary “Flexsensor” technology. The system allows the surgeon to plan the intervention in a computer aided manner. It has become the de facto standard in ear-, nose- and throat (ENT) surgery and is increasingly used in oral and maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery and spine surgery.

series b 2012
series c 2015



In today’s clinic, ultra precise surgery has become the norm. Improved outcome, ease of use and cost efficiency are the primary criteria. Fiagon has become the market leader in ENT and is growing rapidly in other surgical areas that require ultimate precision. In the US Fiagon distributes its image guiding system together with Entellus, the leader in balloon sinus dilatation. The system is used in over 40 countries worldwide.


Fiagon was founded by Dr. Dirk Mucha and Dr. Timo Krüger in September 2007 after working together in the field for 9 years. The original idea was to develop and market a navigation system that can be used like a simple instrument. Today Fiagon’s researchers extend the innovation into new anatomical areas and new instruments, that become navigable for surgeons of many different disciplines. 


We invested in 2012 in the B round, the proceeds of which were used for internationalization and R&D. ‘Adriaan believed in the prospects of our company, also in periods with setbacks’, According to Dr. Timo Krüger. Further R&D and a production facility in China were financed with series C. Fiagon raised in total over 15M.