Dr. Martin Groher,                          CEO MicroDimensions

Dr. Martin Groher,                        

CEO MicroDimensions




‘Adriaan supports us with strategic insight and an invaluable network of people in the sector’, according to Dr Martin Groher. Currently Adriaan leads the Series A, which will help kickstart the company in major collaborations with R&D departments in biotech and pharma' 

Dr. Timo Krüger,  CEO Fiagon

Dr. Timo Krüger, CEO Fiagon





‘Adriaan believed in the prospects of our company, also in periods with setbacks’

Dr. Thomas Graeve,  CEO Amedrix

Dr. Thomas Graeve, CEO Amedrix




"Adriaan helped us tremendously to focus all efforts on CE approval. In that stage we needed to conduct clinical studies that not only answered the demands of regulators, but that would also demonstrate the benefits to users and patients"

Dr. Jörg Traub,  CEO SergicEye

Dr. Jörg Traub, CEO SergicEye






"The advice that Adriaan gave us on our clinical development program was very important. It is always a great benefit to have people on the board with specific knowledge"

Pekka Mattila, CEO Desentum

Pekka Mattila, CEO Desentum






"Adriaan supports us with the clinical development experience we need so much right now, going into clinical trials with our lead product"

Dr. Thomas Huebner, CEO Preventicus

Dr. Thomas Huebner, CEO Preventicus






‘Adriaan supports us with a new definition of the business, allowing us to move from great technology to functional business models’